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Postby toeknee » Mon Jan 20, 2014 6:44 pm

Thought I may aswell show those that havent seen my POS yet. Everyone else has a daily thread in here, and I want to pretend like Im a cool kid too.

I had a 90 4runner, running 2inch lift, and 31s, stock apart from that. Was a great car, 2.4l petty engine, 5sp, went everywhere I needed it to go. Did the 07 Jamboree with it, but thats when the modded 4x4 bug bit me, and it bit hard.
I was working at the Kart track at Eastern Creek and we had a regular customer that had this old rattly diesel dualcab Hilux, I asked him if he would consider a clean swap. He accepted, so he got my clean, rust free, petrol powered 4runner, and in return, I got his dirty, ratty, rattly, little rusty, diesel powered dual cab hilux. I just saw the potential, being diesel, and live front axle, so I was chuffed.

It was stock as it comes when I got it, no lift, small tyres, alloy bullbar, sidesteps, ladder rack in the full length tray.
I dont have any pics of it when I got it, but this pic shows it not too long after, Ive removed the bullbar, sidesteps, fitted 31s on GQ rims, and Ive cut 600mm off the tray, so the dropsides were binned too. This pic was taken at the first Toperi Challenge.

In the 6+years that Ive owned it, Ive replaced and upgraded just about everything on it. The only things on it now, that were on it when I got it are the transfer case, fuel tank, chassis, and chopped tray. Everything else has been swapped, replaced or upgraded.

Heres a current pic.

At the moment its specs are;
Freshly rebuilt 2.4d engine(will be bolting a turbo on it soon)
4.8 diff gears, running Lockrights front and rear
Dirty30 chromo axles and CVs
Upgraded front brakes using a mix of 80series and LN106 SR5 Lux bits
Histeer with IFS 4runner steering box, and pump, lines, etc
Widetracked front end and rear springs up front
Widetracked rear end and IFS springs in the rear
Currently running 35in MTRs daily
Homemade tube front bar

I have a fair bit left to do-
Shock hoops and 12in Bilstein shocks for the front
Inboarded shock mounts and 10in Bilstein shocks for the rear
Track bar
Steering damper
Fit the turbo, and 3in exhaust, all the lines, and pipework for the front mount IC
Dual transfer cases
Build some protective barwork. Sliders, stronger front bar, exo cage
Comp requirements like mount the fire extinguishers, window nets, recovery points, first aid kit, engine cut off switch, etc

Im building it to run comps like Willowglen Challenge, and Opposite Lock Challenge/Woodpecker. I was entered in WG last year, but couldnt get the Lux ready in time, so I had to give my spot to someone else that was ready and chasing a drive.

Everything thats been done to this thing, has been done by me, at home, with basic hand tools. The only thing thats been done by someone else was the motor rebuild, which was done at a local diesel mechanic. Its always been done on a budget, I have 5kids here and havent always got the time to spend on it(I took it off the road mid June last year to replace the front and rear suspension, diffs, diff housings, and the steering, it needs shocks and front bumpstops then its finished).
You cant rush these things, lol
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